What Is Environmental Stewardship?

Environmental stewardship covers a wide array of actions undertaken by groups, individuals and organizations that support nature. The term can refer to strict conservation of the environment or active restoration efforts. It is practiced locally and globally in rural and urban areas. There are numerous studies that examine this issue. However the majority of them focus on a single part of the many factors that can support and undermine environmental stewardship. These include ethics, motivations and capacity and institutions, networks and context. 2013; Silbernagel et al. 2015).

The first element of environmental management is direct stewardship such as planting trees, removing undesirable species, preserving waterways, or restricting recreational activities in wilderness areas. These actions may also involve informing others about the importance of environmental issues and engaging in civic actions such as writing letters or petitions to legislators or voting for candidates who support thoughtful environmental policies.

In addition to achieving ecological objectives such as restoring a degraded ecosystem, the activities of environmental stewardship can also produce positive https://mountaincountryfarm.com/what-is-environmental-stewardship/ social outcomes, such as health, economic, cultural and governance benefits. When buying food at a local farmer’s market or through a local community-supported agricultural program, consumers participate in environmental responsible stewardship. They support the production of sustainable foods and lessen the need for semi-trucks to transport the products across the country (Breslow, et al. 2016). In some cases, the results of stewardship can be detrimental to the desired outcomes. Indigenous communities that rely on the harvesting of megafauna in order to preserve their culture and livelihoods (Clarke, 1999), a conservation approach that does not allow any take could be uncongruous with their ecological and social view.

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